N20149 master v.09
Totally new concept of race circuit design - spectacular layouts for intensely competitive racing! Professional layout featuring elevated and banked straights and curves for fast and skilled driving. Ideal for single-seat, GT and Rally cars.

Maximum track length in a reduced space, ideal for temporary or permanent home assembly. Measures 1.53 m x 2.64 m (designed to fit a standard 5 ft x 9 ft Ping Pong table).

Analog-digital compatible system - easily upgradable to the Ninco digital system with the #40202 N-Digital conversion kit.

A great race set to get started in 1:32 scale slot cars or expand an existing Ninco track!

The layout size is 5' x 8'10" and the running length is 51.5 feet for the 2 lane layout in the picture.

Features - compatible with most ANALOG 1/32 scale slot cars, 35 ohm controllers with brakes, wider track, race in either direction with a flick of a switch, electrical reliability and is very easy to assemble & disassemble.
Made by Ninco and compatible with all other currently produced 1:32 Ninco products.