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Slot 32 70 ROYSTON PARK ROAD, PINNER, HA5 4AF, United Kingdom.

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Call us if you would like help designing a track layout. We need to know the size of the space you have. For large systems we need a planning fee refundable on purchase of track.

REMEMBER YOUR FIRST slot car set? Endless hours of fun watching two cars circle the track until one falls off and the other one gets sent into orbit from the sudden surge of power. It may lack the rose-tinted aura of your childhood memories, but the new digital slot-racing system is a huge improvement.
The greatest change is that you can get eight cars on the track, and overtaking is possible thanks to the new cross-over sections. Because all of the power comes from one central console, you don't get surges when somebody crashes, which isgood because crashing is a certainty. Even on beginner setting the cars are fast and tricky, so it's easy to get over-enthusiastic. The higher settings are ideal as you get better, giving less 'grip' the more advanced the setting - which means that you can actually drift around corners.
The digital sets also have a number of extra functions that you can buy in separate sets, such as a pitlane that allocates each car with a fuel load, allowing timed refuelling stops in endurance races.
If you already own slot cars, it's not a problem as you can convert any make of analogue car or track to digital, and run any slot car on a Ninco track. They may be expensive, but Ninco's slot racing sets are robust and easy to use as well as brilliant fun.
The cars are fast and tricky, and you can actually drift around corners

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