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Davic digital
Davic digital Davic Evo3 makes it possible to you to run up to 15 cars independently controlled.It is simple in its design and is 'plug and play'. The design of the digital davic chip and minature connectors make conversion to digital and back very simple.

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Ninco Digital
Ninco Digital we have ninco chips - Easter 2017.
Oxigen-slotit Slot it digital oxigen system for slot cars features 2.4 Ghz- up to 20 cars per track.
This is a radio controlled slot car system with the car taking its power from each lane.
c7005 scalextric chip

c7005 scalextric chip

Price: 14.95 / 18.24


digitise your car-Scalextric Digital C7005 Incar Conversion Digital Chip (A) for Single Seat Cars 1:32

ninco digital offer

new ninco digital console 2 changeovers and 2 progressive controllers l just how we can help

oxigen versus scorpius

oxigen versus scorpius

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Oxigen explained

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link to oxigen website
Slot racing digital system
Compatible with existing analog tracks
2.4GHz Wireless. 20 cars per track, up to 4 tracks

available to order Feb 2012
best sellers

Best sellers list

scx w10135 fuel control
1. scx w10135 fuel control

Price: 265.00 / 323.30


SCX WOS Full Fuel Control Set. SCX Wireless Overtaking System (WOS) Circuit with 2 GT cars. Wireless controllers with rechargeable batteries. Allows you to control the sound of the car, switch lights on and off, control braking and speed, Pit box for filling up the gas tank, traffic light and program Ghost car. For competitions with up to 6 players!

2. N80908 ALLEN TOOL M-2

Price: 2.36 / 2.88


SLPL 91051b Replacement Hex bit - 0.90 - M2.2
3. SLPL 91051b Replacement Hex bit - 0.90 - M2.2

Price: 3.00 / 3.66


Sloting Plus Torque Limiting Allen Driver tool replaceable tips - 0.9mm (0.035") #91051, 1.27mm (0.050") #91061 & 1.5mm (0.060") #91071

SICH01Starter Kit - HRS - Adjustable Inline Chassis
4. SICH01Starter Kit - HRS - Adjustable Inline Chassis

Price: 13.05 / 15.92


ACR-046 Brass Bushings 2.38mm x4
5. ACR-046 Brass Bushings 2.38mm x4

Price: 1.23 / 1.50


b-nova gm1 3 sizes
6. b-nova gm1 3 sizes

Price: 5.00 / 6.10


1/32.11/16 & 3/32

msc6041 Competition Porsche 959
7. msc6041 Competition Porsche 959

Price: 41.95 / 51.18


This MSC Competition Slot Car has the following features

4x4 Wheel Drive (Belt Driven)

Montecarlo Chassis

Alloy Wheels

Scaleauto Endurance Motor Rated at 22,000 RPM

In-Line Configuration

Gear Ratio 9/27

Strong Magnet

Sprung Guide

1:32 Scale Slot Car

SIMN11h-1 new flat 6 7.3mm front shaft
8. SIMN11h-1 new flat 6 7.3mm front shaft

Price: 9.75 / 11.90 RRP 16 - you save 39%


SIMN11H1, Motor Flat/6R-22K Open Can u.7,3mm Shaft ca22000U/12V,

N10513 (Single Racing Hill-climb)
9. N10513 (Single Racing Hill-climb)

Price: 139.95 / 170.74


this has been just tarnished.

online catalogue |  Digital cars, sets & track